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Adhesive Manufacturers in India

Best Adhesive Products High Quality & Reliable


Our products are designed for your needs

All in one Premium Quality Adhesive


High Bond Strength

Our products are made to provide a long-lasting and reliable hold. They are designed to work on a variety of materials, even in harsh environments.


Water / Heat Resistant

Our adhesive products offer top-tier water and heat resistance, ensuring lasting performance even in extreme conditions.


Minimum Drying Time

Experience rapid results with our adhesive products – minimal drying time ensures swift bonding for your projects.


Clear After Drying

Our adhesive products dry crystal clear, guaranteeing a transparent finish without any color distortion. Clarity you can trust!


Permanenty Flexible Joints

Our adhesive products offer permanently flexible joints for wooden interiors, accommodating seasonal changes with unwavering durability.


Anti Bubble / Crack

Choose our adhesive products for a bubble and crack-free experience in laminates. Uncompromised quality for lasting results.

  • What types of surfaces can your adhesives bond with?
    Our adhesive solutions offer exceptional bonding capabilities with a wide range of surfaces, catering to various materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, and wood. Whether you need to bond plywood to laminate, veneer sheet, edge binding, PVC sheet, acrylic sheet, charcoal sheet, aluminum, granite stone, marble stone, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, mild steel, glass, plastic, G I sheet, textile, ACP sheet, paper, artificial grass, laminate to laminate, or MDF to laminate, our adhesives ensure strong and reliable connections for all your applications. With our versatile adhesives, you can trust in the durability and long-lasting performance of your bonded materials.
  • How long does it take for the adhesive to dry?
    The bonding time of our adhesives can vary depending on the type of surfaces being bonded. Certain surfaces may allow the adhesive to dry and form a strong bond in just a few minutes, while others with different properties might require a longer curing time for the adhesive to achieve its full strength.
  • Do you offer different pack sizes of adhesive products?
    Yes, we offer a range of pack sizes for our adhesive products to fit different needs. Such as : 500g 1kg 5kg 10kg 20kg  50kg
  • Are your adhesive products safe for children to use?
    Our adhesive products should be used under adult supervision and kept out of reach of children.
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